True Inspiration


Everybody wants to live a quality life. Everybody wants to be happy. For this, inspiration is required time and again. When a person faces a hardship in his way, it’s requirement is the most. However, the inspiration is always short lived. For many of us, the inspiration received from a book or person is like a burning candle which blows out with a breeze. Yes, we want to move on, improve our habits, be a better person and for this, we read books, listen to motivators and bla bla. No matter how solemnly we want to improve ourselves, we aren’t able. If that’s your problem, I infer you’re on the right place.

Firstly, I am not going to give you suggestions about how to get inspired. I am just going to express my views based on my experiences. One of the most common problems I observe in these so called “Life Changing Books” is that they advice us about what should we do and what we shouldn’t. Inspiration doesn’t come without freedom. In this regard, these books are crap.(Now, I would not touch such books.) Secondly, these books give examples of  some animals and nonliving objects as a source of inspiration.For example: A spider tries to climb a wall 4 times & it’s unsuccessful. On the fifth attempt it successfully climbs on it. Another example would be of water. Water is so soft but after a long time, its impact can shape a rock. Come on man, we are humans. Boys long for girls and vice-versa. We can’t just think about our dreams only. We have many things to do besides our dreams unlike that spider which needs only food and sex.

Well such types of examples when said by an amiable and lively motivator are entertaining but not inspiring. Until you listen to his/her speech OR read that particular book, you are filled with sheer motivation. Not only this, you find those stories entertaining. But as soon as you come out of the hall/close your book, BAANG! Its gone. Its completely gone. Your bravery perishes in the air. And you return to the old routine.

I too used to suffer from this problem. Now I’ve changed a lot. I myself feel that I am being a better person. There are some things/events/books which have been influencial . I would like to discuss them below in some points.

1.After reading Rhonda Bryne’s “The Secret”,”The Power” and Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”, I have started to think more positively and rationally. When i long something, I just aspect it to occur.I continuously think about it. I take every matter in a positive way. This has helped me a lot.

2.”Shrimad Bhagvadgeeta”, the holy book of the Hindus, has helped in maintaining stability in my behaviour. Whenever I perform any task/duties, I do it in a proper way with all the effort required. However, I never expect much from my work. (This act has helped to reduce frustration problems which is the most common problem in teens.

3.I just smile whenever I face problems in my way. Whenever a person vexes me, I just ignore him/her. I read a lot of books(Not textbooks, but novels, poems,story books etc.). This has helped me to understand and perceive this world in a broad way. It has helped me to mature my thoughts.

In short, thinking positively, being optimistic, giving full effort to works, expecting less,smiling and reading are the key to live a happy life.

I strongly recommend the viewers to read above the mention books to get the ultimate inspiration.Who knows, you might be a different person from tomorrow.


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